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Download #1: The Home Page Website Copy Template

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 01 09.47Not only will you receive a fill-in-the-blanks template that you can copy and paste your information into for instant client-attracting web copy, but this template also comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you through choosing just the right words for your home page copy.

Discover exactly what to say in your web copy to attract interest from website visitors and get them excited to take action – whether that action is signing up for your newsletter or buying your products and services.

Just fill in the blanks and publish the finished copy to your website – it’s that easy!

Download #2: Step-by-Step Instructions to Guide You Through the Web Copy Template

3_Insider_Secrets_cover_3D copyIn this special report, you will find everything you need to walk through the process of creating your own profitable website copy. With these instructions in one hand and the template in the other, you will quickly find yourself on the fast track to a high-converting website that fills your business with all the clients you need to survive – and THRIVE!

Followed Basic Website Copy Template to Churn out 3 Web Pages in Just 90 Minutes!


“Hi Tammi,

I just had to send you an email to say Wow! The two audio recordings were so helpful. I have worked my way through the Web Template recording with the templates in front of me and it was so easy to understand. In fact, I managed to write 3 pages in an hour and a half last evening thanks to you!

The headline audio was also brilliant – I just found the whole thing fabulous.

I just wanted to say thank you so much – you are awesome and I can’t wait for the first Q&A!

Terri Bodell
The Life Skills Doctor

Download #3: 261 Power Words to Make Your Marketing Copy Sizzle

You’ll also get instant access to a listing of power words thatWords1
grab attention and compel readers to ACT NOW!

This cheat sheet includes some of the most powerful words in website copy -
simply inject these words and phrases into your website copy and watch your website conversions shoot through the roof!

Download #4: 101 Bucket Brigade Phrases to Spellbind Your Readers

3851047-photo-of-working-business-people-staring-at-computer-monitor-during-meetingBucket Brigade phrases help to join together paragraphs in your web copy…and if done right, they can act as miniature “cliffhangers” to keep website visitors reading, getting more and more excited until they can hardly wait to reach – and click – the Buy Now button! (TV producers have used this concept for years to keep watchers tuned in week after week and season after season – and now you can master this technique yourself to skyrocket your product and service sales!)

Download #5: 149 Connectors to Keep Readers Hanging on to Your Every Word

Solid connectors, when used in web copy, act as a bridge rickpond2between thoughts, connecting them (hence the term “connectors :) ) and making it almost impossible for viewer to stop reading your web copy (there’s a psychological aspect that keeps readers tuned in – but you’ll learn more about that in download #5). Here you’ll get a list of 149 Connector words and phrases to keep readers gliding smoothly through your web copy – and all the way to your action step at the end.

Download #6: A recording of my recent teleseminar, “5 Simple Components for a Website that Attracts a SURGE of Paying Clients to Your Business!”

Last but certainly not least, grab the recording of my recent teleseminar recording. During this interview with Niche Attraction Expert Cindy Schulson, I revealed the components every service-based entrepreneur needs to have on their website if they want to attract plenty of clients – and mucho dinero. You’ll also find out how to use your Bucket Brigade and Connector phrases effectively (yes, there is a method to the madness – you can’t just throw them in there haphazardly or they won’t work!).

So, how does this whole thing work?

You may be thinking now, ‘That all sounds great, Tammi, but how will I actually GET this information? Do I have to have any fancy equipment? What if I’m across the globe from you – and in a completely different time zone? Does that matter? How are you going to teach me to:

  • Publish Website Copy That Helps to Establish My Credibility, Form a Connection With Prospective Clients, and Get My Website Visitors to Take Action?
  • Draw Website Visitors Into My Sales Page With Headlines That Grab Attention and Power Words That Leave Readers So Excited, They’ll Be Searching for the Buy Now Button?
  • Create Compelling Website Copy in As Little As 90 Minutes that Can Then Work to Attract Up to 6 Ideal Clients to My Business Within the Next Week?

The answers, my dear friends:

How will I actually GET this information? As soon as you submit your order, you will be redirected to the page containing all of your goodies. The copy-and-paste website copy template, the step-by-step instructions, the list of power words…you’re literally just seconds away from the whole kit and caboodle!

Do I have to have any fancy equipment? Nope. The information is released in downloadable PDF documents that you can read on your computer – if you have the free Adobe Acrobat reader software – or print out to be written on and marked up with all of your fab ideas.

What if I’m across the globe from you – and in a completely different time zone? Does that matter? Not a bit! No matter where you are or what time you request this info, my shopping cart will automatically redirect you – electronically – to the download page. So you can start creating your client-attracting website copy at your convenience…even if it’s the dead of night in my neck of the woods! :)

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Serita Diana
Real Estate Virtual Assistant

And now you can get the same results for yourself…time and time again.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there’s absolutely NO RISK to your order. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with this course, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll promptly refund your money…every single cent.

If you aren’t 100% convinced that what you’re learning in this boot camp will help you get more clients with your website, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will rush your refund to you, no questions asked.

I’ll admit, my generous money-back guarantee is a bit selfish…if my customers walk away unhappy, they’re either going to spread negative feedback or say nothing at all about my product…neither of which is desirable on my end. Which is why if you’re not happy with what you discover from this Website Copy Template, I don’t expect …nor do I even want, if we’re being completely honest … to keep your money. So if this package isn’t everything you expected, simply shoot me an email, and I’ll gladly refund your money in fullno hard feelings.

Ready to Create Your Own Website Copy That Attracts Clients Like Crazy?

Yes, Tammi, I’m ready to create website copy that establishes my expertise, forms a connection with my prospects, and sells my products and services!

For just $39.94 $19.97, I know that I’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Publish Website Copy That Helps to Establish My Credibility, Form a Connection With Prospective Clients, and Get My Website Visitors to Take Action?
  • Draw Website Visitors Into My Sales Page With Headlines That Grab Attention and Power Words That Leave Readers So Excited, They’ll Be Searching for the Buy Now Button?
  • Create Compelling Website Copy in As Little As 90 Minutes that Can Then Work to Attract Up to 6 Ideal Clients to My Business Within the Next Week?

I’m also protected with the peace of mind that comes with Tammi’s money-back guarantee.

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.

Claim your copy of your own 6 New Clients Website Copy Template today!

Once you register, you’ll get instant access to all of your download materials, so you can dive into the content at your convenience – and get on your way to a website that transforms your website visitors from “just passing through” to “where do I sign up?”


Tammi Metzler

PS: Reserve your spot today – completely risk-free – and you’ll get complete access to my information-packed 6 New Clients Website Copy Template. You’ll learn everything you need to know about creating your own profitable website – just click the Add to Cart button above and grab your virtual copy today!

follow, clear and concise. I love how you include charts and specific
examples, followed by space to apply the ideas to my business. I have
used other resources where I did not really feel like doing my “plan”
right then and there, but yours gave me the info I needed to edit and
perfect my own plan in bits and pieces – without feeling pressure to get
a huge plan together on the spot.
I also really like Chapter 9. You did a great job showing point by
point how to really get a newsletter done. Plus, really awesome resources
that you have added! If anyone doesn’t know how to use various resources
to get their email newsletter done, quickly and easily….they will by reading
this book.
Thank you so much for this book! I have been looking into doing something
like this for quite some time and never seem to find just that…TIME. You have
shown me that with a little effort it might not be a scary as I thought! I commend
you on a truly wonderful and well-written book. The best part is, as the
reader I did not feel overloaded with information or overwhelmed at
the prospect of actually doing this on my own. I’m totally motivated
by it and now know that I can create my own profitable newsletter list!

Thanks again!”

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